I’ve discovered Doc Martens!

It was when I went to London that I discovered DM boots. We were walking along, looking at shops until my Mum spotted some, and instantly fell in love with them. We went in the shop to look for them. We found some and looked at the price. £80-£90.

We decided not to get any, but it was since then that I started loving them too!

Image credits: grovesmedia.wordpress.com, number-a.com, bluebanana.com

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3 Responses to I’ve discovered Doc Martens!

  1. LOVE them! I take it they are on the Christmas list this year? 🙂

  2. Mary Kelly says:

    DM’s are lovely, I always wore them, they were so comfortable! I recently brought Derek (my husband) – not flowery, girly ones, but normal shoe type and he thinks they are so comfortable. Good luck trying to get mum and dad to buy them for you, lots of jobs etc will help.
    Love Mary x

  3. Tara says:

    Ooooh I especially like the pair at the bottom- they look so pretty & snug, and would go with almost anything 🙂 xx

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